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Solar Car Ports

Solarize an Existing Car Port or Build a Solar Shade Structure
Transforming an existing carport, garage, or parking structure into a solar energy producing asset is a popular concept and growing trend on the Central Coast of California. With plenty of sun, rising utility costs, and empty roof faces it is a worthwhile investment as well as an easy way for any home or business to take advantage of renewable energy. We can help you design a solar carport specific to your location or install a solar system to complement your existing structure and energy usage.

Solar Carports turn parking lots and driveway parking spaces into energy producing assets. If designed for solar, the car port and entire project cost also qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit while also providing sheltered usable parking or storage space. We work with local engineering firms and fabricators to design custom solar shade structures or can help you select a prefabricated structure. We like those designed by Schletter and Baja Construction.

Learn how the Monterey County Office of Education took advantage of Solar Car Ports In Salinas

Electic Vehicle Charging Stations can also be incorporated into these carport designs and provide an easy and convenient location to fuel up your EV or PEV. Charging stations can be offered for free to your visitors, students, employees, and family or you can have users help support your solar investment by installing a pay per charge unit that allows for credit card transactions.

Charge Your Electric Vehicle with Solar Energy and Drive For Free!

With the extra energy your solar system produces you can reduce your trips to the gas station or stop using fossil fuels all together! Many of our clients have bought the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, or Plug In Toyota Prius and still don't have utility bills or pay for gas.

Some of the charging stations we recommend are Clipper Creek's LCS-25 Level 2 charger, the worlds smallest High Power charging station and Schneider's Level 2 EVlink

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Applied Solar Energy has been installing electric vehicle charging stations in the Central Coast. If you have an electric car and want a charging station at a reasonable cost, contact us at 831-333-1919. Charging stations can be part of a solar system upgrade financed with PACE.

Let Applied Solar Energy help you design a solar shade structure that will protect your vehicle from the elements, produce clean reliable energy, and charge your Electric Vehicle.

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