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Applied Solar install and maintain affordable solar photovotaic system solutions for homes and businesses in the Monterey Bay Area. Our expertly trained solar designers incorporate the latest technologies available in solar panels and equipment to help our clients reach their energy goals and reduce their carbon footprint. Stop buying power from PG&E. Produce your own and reduce your energy costs and switch to renewable energy today!


Our PV systems produce solar electricity without consuming fuel or creating pollution. No oil, coal, natural gas, uranium or plutonium is consumed. Nor is any carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, greenhouse gas, smog or other pollutants released. During the day, when your solar system has more power then you need, the excess solar electricity flows from your house to the power lines, running your meter backwards, earning you solar credits. At night, and when your needs are greater than your solar panels are producing, the grid supplies your power.


Applied Solar has been helping residents of Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties for over 30 years! We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality products and services while helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. We harness the power of the sun to help our customers achieve sustainability while protecting our environment. Have questions? Contact us today! And, the next time you see a set of solar panels on a home or business, think Applied Solar!


SOLEX / Applied Solar Energy is a Sub-contracting Partner of non-profit solar installer GRID Alternatives. This partnership helps to bring affordable solar electricity to low-income families and supports the green jobs training efforts.


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